Monday, August 16, 2010

a tad confused.

YOGA!! I really need some yoga... I need to get centered and find the answer to this age old (really 7 month) question; to get a showroom or not to get a showroom?
I know, I know, I have been ranting about finding a showroom for the last few months now but I'm beginning to wonder if it's really suppose to be.

The three meetings that I had went great! All had positive feedback about the collection but after speaking with some old industry friends yesterday, I'm beginning to doubt the showroom all together.

pros of a showroom:
1.) sales rep has already established contacts.
2.) (hopefully) sells the product for you. However, there is a monthly "rental" fee for the space you use, I pay this regardless if anything sells. Plus this is on top of the healthy commission.

cons of a showroom:
1.)extra $$ for commission/rent etc. that I could just pocket.
2.)using only the contacts of the showroom.
3.)competing with the other lines in the showroom for buyers attention.

pros of sales rep/ or doing a (portion) of it myself:
1.) I'm in complete control of the success.
2.) Develop relationships with the buyers through in store visits or trade shows.
3.) Hear the feedback first hand.

1.)time and energy that could be used on designing/ running business.

advice? thoughts?...anything?!



  1. That's a big decision to make. Do you have enough contacts that you wouldn't necessarily need the show room to get in front of people? If not, then I think the showroom would be vital for a start up line. Let us know what you decide!

  2. If the showroom is not happening than it's D.I.Y. time, to me that's where it's at the beginning it's smart to have control and make sure it happens, smart to make all the money. I can help structure it out for you....I've opened 80 % of stores by just walking in the door and introducing myself. xo

  3. @ Jessica, very good point!! I don't think I do have enough contacts in the retail (boutique) industry in order to fulfill my minimum requirement from China though.
    @ H, you're right as well... doing it myself will definitely put me in control, save $$ and allow for me to establish the relationships myself. If I end up doing it this way, I will be calling you for help I'm sure :)

    I think that I will continue to reach out to showrooms and exhaust that avenue. If it doesn't happen then it doesn't happen, and I'll go grassroots style. At least I will know that I tried.