Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elle Moss

Artwork for Christmas presents? You would definitely need to know that person pretty well but I think these photographs from Elle Moss have enough personality to fit the bill.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've missed you.

What a crazy couple of weeks!

1st of all, my mom and I had an amazing time in Hong Kong and China. I was able to source, develop and work on Spring production while my mom toured the streets. With it being my third visit to China, I had a much better understanding of the markets that I wanted to visit, so little time was wasted. Also, through a dear friend I was also able to meet with another factory, which just so happens to work with Valentino and Stella Mc Cartney! I can't believe that there is a chance that my clothing will share a sewing machine with Stella's.... wth?

After returning to the states and enjoying a healthy portion of Mexican food, I started on fall 2011 and didn't stop until yesterday. But all 21 pieces have been put into work and I feel really great about the collection. Now I just need to make sure everything arrives before Chinese New Year.

On another note, I have received some more orders!!! one of which was from um.. er, FRED SEGAL GIRL!! Yay! Some other really amazing boutiques that have supported; Kyss, Tink, Allison by the beach, Isabella Dee, Apricot Lane, The red Balloon and It's a Luv thing. A big thanks to everyone.
The first photo is a health store in HK. The last two are from the fabric market in Hangzhou.
Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

in production...wowzers!!

I sent in my Spring production orders to China last night. To be totally honest, this was a day that I had been thinking about/dreading for a solid 2 months and now it's done. WHEW... The production stage has finally begun!! In the meantime, I must keep on truckin'. Working on sending at least half of my Fall 2011 tech packs out before I leave for Hong Kong and China on Thursday.

Yesterday I also received the most adorable package in the mail from my friend Bianca! I had ordered a couple pairs of booties from her shop Bink and Boo and found myself inspired just by the charming packaging! Then to open it up and find the well- made, find them at Bloomingdale's children's department for half the price, cutest lil' things ever inside...?! Well, it was an exciting day. Kudos to you Bianca, you have established a great company!! p.s I would love to brainstorm with you on packaging :)

Have a great day everyone.

image: a pretty pill