Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry I have been away so long I have just been dealing with the many logistics of running a company. Last week, I met with an international attorney and got some really great advice on trademarking in China and setting up contract with the factory.

Also last week, I have been working out the wholesale prices of the collection, which I'm learning includes a TON of other things besides just manufacturing costs. In order to simplify things I'm hiring a freight forwarding service which deals with transportation to and from port, shipping, documentation fees, customs clearance and duties, amongst other things... (all of which need to be included into the cost.)

and lastly, I have been a showroom emailing machine. Friday, I sent out 12 correspondents including a few photos and an introduction. I did receive a lovely vote of confidence from a friend of mine who works in a bi-coastal showroom!! I will keep you updated on that.

From this point's uncharted territory.

alyson fox


  1. So glad you realized more costs and have added them on. Remember if the showrooms don't pan out the way you like just go and sell your goods! Society is all about supporting this right now, american d.i.y. is in and boutiques love supporting new designers ( it's also a great way for you to meet them and start relationships.) Almost everyone will set an appointment with you, I guarantee it, will help you if needed.

  2. thanks Heather, I really appreciate that! I have definitely thought about the alternative of storing the goods in my garage and selling them myself~ it's an option.
    Send me a email with your address please.... :)

  3. Oh my gosh, so much more goes into the process than I realized. Wow. You are in my prayers Kendall.

  4. Kendall you are really doing it. You have taken the leap and are living your dream!! This is so incredibly inspiring.


  5. I agree with Heather. Just remember there are no dead ends, only many solutions. Sometimes you have to go thru a process of elimination to find YOUR solution. I like the showroom idea, but I say if you want to try and sell yourself give it a go!:)

  6. It's fantastic that you've been getting so much done. What you're doing is a real adventure -- I can't wait to read more updates about it. There's nothing like following your heart.

  7. We are SO excited for you and Kyle!You will be a huge success!

  8. Wow - I'm always so inspired by you when I stop by your blog to read up. There are so many things to consider when starting your own label, but you're doing it! Congrats!