Monday, April 25, 2011

fall production orders

I have been tirelessly working on the fall production orders for all of today and most of last week. There is so much detail that goes into a production order; quantities, care and main label placements/info, garment specs, fabric and trim details and size ratios OH MY~these babies require a lot of attention!
I have also been thinking a lot about what a successful business model would be for continuous growth in terms of ordering units. What's your opinion, should I order on the smaller side so that I'm confident it will sell through OR order more than last time with the hopes of growth?
...sort of feels like I'm gambling :)

and don't forget, the lovely Carrie from This Free Bird is giving away the "Amanda" dress!! The contest runs all this week, so stop on by her amazing blog and check it out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

a single man

Seeing as though the hubs is out of town, I thought it was an appropriate time to watch Tom Ford's " A Single Man". I thought it was perfect. Deep thoughts of existentialism and human relationships blended perfectly with great acting and suburb set design. This movie left me with an eerie feeling. If you haven't seen it, please beware~ I love dark, tormented movies. If you have seen it, I would love to hear your thoughts!
How great is that house? p.s It’s known as the Schaffer Residence, built by architect John Lautner in 1949 for the mother of one of his employees. It is located in the Montrose area of Glendale and in Jan 2011 it was on the market for $1.495 million.

p.s.s follow me over to Style your Life, where I've listed some of my favorite things...

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a beautiful retreat

I can imagine myself lying up there with plush pillows and blankets beside me. The cool breeze whistling softly through the trees as I slowly go in and out of sleep while reading a book.

Doesn't it look lovely?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Those of you that are friends via facebook and twitter will be inundated once again with the news that I just launched the kendall k. online shop!! It was a lot of hard work and energy (due to my perfectionistic nature) but it's up and running and I just want to dance around my house. Stay, shop and please tell your friends :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

a social weekend followed by a busy week

My horoscope said I was going to be especially busy this month and so far it hasn't disappointed. (p.s if you enjoy reading astrology, check out ~ she's amazing.)
It was a weekend full of live music, delicious home made Mexican food and a charming outdoor baby shower!
It was a perfect weekend before the crazy week I have ahead. I'm shipping out my orders to Market boutique in Corpus Cristie, Texas and the Red Balloon in Newport Beach. Also, I'm getting ready to place my fall production orders, which means that I need to spec ( or measure) all the garments and start putting together the extensive purchase orders. Additionally, I'm working on getting my online shop up and running (next day or two) and start sketching for next Spring. Hope everyone has a productive week.

This is sort of how I feel, I just need to swim to the other side..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

it's simple.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

just relax...

Yesterday was my bestie's birthday! To celebrate her 31st we headed out to Glen Ivy Spa in Corona. It was a perfect day of massages, mud, soaking in the sun and laughter. It also reminded me how important it is to take time for yourself; relax and recharge the batteries. We are only human.
I hope you get to treat yourselves today, whether it is a hot bath, taking a nap or just eating a little slower. We all deserve it.

Oh! and don't forget to stop by my buddy's blog; Style Obsession, where she is giving away the kendall k. "jenika" coat. Hurry, it will be ending soon.