Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

editorial shoot

As mentioned in my last post, and also here, we had an "editorial" photo shoot for the Spring/Summer 12 collection on Tuesday at the beautiful, (feels like Hawaii but it's located in San Diego) Paradise Point at Mission Bay. Wow, talk about PERFECT location! If you are planning a trip down here, or even just a stay-cation, this is your place. seriously!
We had such a great team, everything ran so (scary) smooth! Many thanks also to the uber talented/inspirational media production team, Enjet Media for filming the entire project. (More on that lil' surprise later)

Local photographer: Aalia Oursbourn
Model: Whitney Danielle
Make-up/hair: Paola Santos
Assistant: Ashley Boscole

Wow, so honored to have worked with such an amazing group. Thanks everyone!!
** Finally got that raft photo I've been dreaming of...
**minus the soda machine

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today I am finishing up the final preparations for tomorrow's photo shoot for the kendall k. Spring/Summer12 collection. It will be shot by local San Diego photographer, Aalia Oursbourn at the Paradise Point in Mission Bay. Additionally, Enjet media group will be following us around shooting a "behind the scenes" for Fashion One, an International fashion channel! All very exciting stuff that I look forward to sharing in more detail soon.

Also on my list to-do today, shipping out Spring orders to retailers!
Market - Corpus Christie, TX
Rou Mall- Healdsburg, CA
Tribeca- Chicago, IL
and a reorder for Togs- Omaha, NE


Thursday, March 15, 2012

San Francisco & Sassy City Chicks

I'm in one of my favorite cities this weekend to participate in the Sassy City Chicks event happening tonight! Having only really interacted with the kendall k. ladies in San Diego, I look forward to meeting my San Fran girl.
and the cherry on top...I get to hang out with some besties.
Have a great weekend! xo

If you're in the SF area, please stop by and say "HI"!
The Regency Center
Sutter & Annex Room
1290 Sutter St.
San Francisco, Ca 94109

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

buttons can change everything.

To say that the Fall 12 collection was a "labor of love" would be an understatement.
In fact, this 31 piece collection had me second guessing everything! and I mean everything. As some of you know from following me on facebook, I recently partnered up with a new showroom, Stacey Rhoads in the New Mart. She is everything that I ever imagined in a sales team; Energetic, enthusiastic, well connected, beautiful showroom and a great team whom I get along with very well. But when she saw my Fall 12 collection, she thought it looked "Boring" and "understated"- and she was RIGHT! I had taken in everything that I had heard from my last showroom, retailers and consumers... Trying not to be "too dressy" or adding more "wear to work". In turn, I made a collection that was just "standard" and very different from where I had started.

Hearing her comments piling on top of the emotional stress of a roller coaster that I had experienced in the last year and a half, almost got the best of me. I would be lying if I didn't say that I started looking on career sites in hopes of finding a job with "security". It was through deep soul searching, BIKRIM yoga and some great therapy sessions that I knew that I would be giving up too quickly! Especially, since I wouldn't have given Stacey a fighting chance to prove herself. (someone that I had been waiting/even manifesting for, for a long time)
With many back and forth appointments with Stacey, I ended up changing almost every button within the collection, added some extra lace trim and shortened a few hems. All of which, helped to elevate the collection to a whole new level.

I know I still need to work on defining the clear vision of my brand and developing a stronger conviction to stand behind it! but I believe with Stacey Rhoads and co. I am finally on the right path...

the Fall LA market is happening right now- and Stacey is taking the collection to Texas next week! wish me luck :)

Much love. xx

image is from the kendall k. Fall12 collection.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Party at Kyss boutique

Karen, the super lovely owner of Kyss boutique, is throwing kendall k. a launch party for the new Spring 12 collection this Saturday!! I'm so excited... after all the hard work, it's finally time to party! whoo-hoo. Please stop by and say hello if you're in the area.

p.s I'm dropping the collection off TODAY as an early preview. Now you can shop early!
Check out the entire Spring 12 collection here.

and past parties here.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Kyss Boutique
2641 Gateway Rd. #101
Carlsbad, CA 92009