Wednesday, July 14, 2010

meet amy of tibi...

Did anyone else catch the season finale of "The City" last night? I just love that show and while I'm on the subject, I am totally going to miss "The Hills" next season. In fact, I have been singing the theme song all morning. I'm in mourning.

In any case, the designer of Tibi, Amy Smilovic was in Tokyo with Olivia last night on the season finale of "The City" and it got to me to thinking how great of a clothing line Tibi is and how inspirational the founder(s) are.

Amy started her career in fashion after moving to Hong Kong in 1997. This is where she drew inspiration from her travels and conceptualized a darling little contemporary line, Tibi with her husband and business partner, Frank Smilovic. Today, Tibi can be found in over 500 stores and department stores worldwide.

The great thing is that she held a cushy executive job at American Express before branching out and taking the risk of starting her own thing! How inspiring!!

Read more about Amy here and Check out the adorable Fall 2010 Tibi collection here.

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  1. I love Tibi! I have a Tibi dress that is the softest and most comfortable dress I own.