Friday, July 2, 2010

a big thank you.

A big thank you to Haydee for coming over and spending a few hours talking about price points, studio locations and public relations. You have given me A LOT to think about.

Some other things on my plate today: continuing to research international trademarks, fit comments for the last two samples and putting together the outfits and pulling accessories for the photo shoot (working towards July 10th :).

to date: I have received all 22 1st samples and 15 2nd samples.

Other than that the rest of my day will include lunch with my honey and a "blogger's night out"- happy hour style. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful bloggies and FINALLY being able to wear my vintage La Feem necklace that I just recently purchased!!
Check out her other stuff, it's amazing.

Hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July weekend. be safe.

photo: day19 photography


  1. Haydee is a ruler and oh so helpful! Can't wait for tonight and to see you in your La Feem! Thanks for the shout out...xo

  2. yay can't wait to see you lovely ladies!

  3. Just found your blog!! What a great photo!! Love this sweet blog of yours! xo

  4. yay, i can wait to see the photos....!!!!

  5. A blogger night out sounds so fun! Great photo.

  6. Oh I bet you were so excited to receive all of your samples! I read all of the posts I missed while I was away and your photo spot looks divine!