Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you America

What are you guys doing for the Memorial weekend? We are going camping with our buddies up at Thomas mountain. Should be coooold, but perfect campfire and smore weather!!

Most importantly though, I'm thankful today for living in the country that I do and for all the servicemembers who fight everyday to protect our freedom. It's really amazing to think that I'm able to go after all of my dream(s)...and with no limitations. Anything is possible.
So America, you're the bees-knees. thank you.

Just a quick update: the photo shoot on Wednesday with San Diego Rivieria magazine went great! Melissa, the photographer, was brilliant! She was so patient with my awkward, non-model self that she put me at ease very quickly.

Oh!and a big hello to all my new guys are awesome.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Have fun love, can't wait to see the photos. For all the crazy corruption it's still a pretty great place to live!! xo

  2. Have a great weekend~sounds fun.

  3. So glad the shoot went well. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  4. That sounds like a fantastic weekend! Have a fun time!

    And yes! Please do bake something for the bake sale next weekend. You can definitely give it to me on Thursday when we see each other. Thank you so much, Kendall!

  5. glad the shoot went well! hope you had a great biirthday x

  6. I can't wait to see the pics from your photo shoot...and hear all about it.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend--hope it wasn't too cold. Hugs and cheers to a great week.