Tuesday, May 17, 2011

social networking

Some excited news last week, the kendall k. lace "betti' shorts were featured in the June issue of People Style Watch. Five days later, I think it has finally has settled in :) I wanted to wait a few days to post this because of all the mentioning I did on face book and twitter.

But this got me to thinking...what is the proper way to utilize each media outlet with out sounding redundant?

I once heard someone say, use your face book account for friends, linkedin for professionals, twitter for the people you want to network with and the blog for inspiration.
But with all these social media outlets, the line becomes blurry at times and/or the people that are connected in all areas are bombarded with your posts.Please tell me, how do you guys differentiate your outgoing news? and does it bother you to hear the same thing on different outlets?


  1. Congrats darling, this is huge!!!!

    I think they all work in all sorts of ways....

  2. Oh my gosh, that's huge! In People?! Congrats, that's so amazing!

    As for social networking, I think those rules are good, although I see facebook becoming increasingly used for business, especially with the new retail pages popping up. But I think people love Kendall K. and would enjoy seeing updates anywhere you want to post them :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can't even tell you how excited I am for you! That's incredible news!

    As far as my social media thoughts: I do use FB for friends only, but if I had a company I think I'd treat FB somewhat similar to the blog with fun updates. Blogs: inspiration, news, everything! Twitter: passing comments that wouldn't warrant a full blog post. LinkedIn: networking. And that's my $0.02. ;-)

  4. I was soooo excited when I saw that!! Congrats to you!!

    I have mixed thoughts on social media, but do believe it can absolutely benefit you in many ways. My friends who didn't follow in GFC were after me for about 6 months to do a facebook for the blog. I did and only have about 150 followers, but the interesting thing that's happening is I don't know some of those people at all. What I'm learning through emails is that there were people who read my blog, didn't have GFC, weren't my friends and WANTED FB as a more convenient way to follow through their FB feeds. Those people (3 have reached out so far - but STILL) have, in turn, shared my blog with their friends on their page by posting its link. So I share all this to say: Facebook can really grow your exposure in ways I never would have thought and reach people who aren't even aware of blogs and such.

    If I were you I'd share special item showcases from your line on FB, as well as fun updates on your line/travel/new boutiques that are picking you up.

    You have the blog and twitter down pat :)

    Hope this helps!


  5. How exciting!! Congrats! I have the same questions when it comes to social media.

  6. congrats! that is amazing :)

  7. I'm jumping up and down waving my hands in the air with total excitement!!! Congrats amiga! That is so awesome.

    When it comes to social media I have no freaking clue. Let me know when you find out.

  8. congratulations, that is awesome!!! i have no good answer about social media, i just kind of do whatever i feel like, haha :) sometimes i'm not consistent and sometimes i am...sigh.

  9. Kendall, this is absolutely fantastic! Congrats! As for social media, it's more that the way I handle each area than who my audience is on each. I'll have some of the same people on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but what I'm doing on each of them is quite different. Ugh, I have no idea if any of that makes sense right now. It's raining and all I want to do is sleep a bit longer.

  10. This post is so Carrie-esque :) Congrats again honey!!

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