Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a few things...

So this is usually not my style but there are so many things I need to share with you today...

1.) This photo from last Friday's Best of North County party, hosted by San Diego Magazine.
( I'm hoping to drop off some samples to the editors this week...I'll keep you posted.)
left to right: Julia, Bianca, Heather, Haydee, me and Brandi. haha!

2.) If you are in LA this Friday, please stop by the release party for the new online magazine, Collected. I'm so proud of my friend Jessica!

3.) I'm officially ready for the turban. She makes it look so easy... what do you think?

4.) Please read about the wonderful things Hardt Haven is doing with the children in Ghana. Read the entire story here and donating just a $1.00 can go a long way.

5.) Check out this new online shop!! Holly's Craigs list is selling the Amanda dress for 10% off!! and be sure to check out the missed picks section...tons of cute stuff.


  1. What a fun night and classic photo! Let me know about the mag....

    You of all people can rock the turban with ease...go for it. xo

  2. you should definitely try the turban. now i want to after watching the video!

  3. oh my gosh... too hilarious! definitely keep us posted on a possible feature!! fun to hang for a bit on friday! xo

  4. Kendall, thank you so much for mentioning HardtHaven! And Friday night was so much fun! I'll email you soon so we can make plans for Ethiopian food.

  5. I wish I could've gone! Hope to meet all of you ladies soon! Have a great weekend!

  6. LOVE those photo booth pics! I was so bummed to miss the party! So fun seeing you on Saturday!
    xo Melissa

  7. I'm just catching up on the blogs and I just about died laughing when I saw this photo in reader. HA! That was such a fun night. That first photo is rad--love Haydee's face.

    It was great seeing you on Saturday. Thank you so much for coming out!