Friday, May 6, 2011

Balenciaga and San Francisco

How cool is that cake??!

Right, how perfect are those words together?! This last Sunday was my birthday, and my darling hubby decided to surprise me with a trip to see our very dear friends up in S.F! We had an amazing time, even adding in a little work, visiting the charming boutique Bryan Lee. {kendall k. will be there in the fall}
The weekend was full of laughter, yahtzee, real german food, red velvet cake to die for, farmer's market, alameda flea market and a museum visit to see the Balenciaga exhibit at the de Young. It was the perfect thing to get my creative juices flowing... seriously. awe. inspiring.

Now that fall production orders are in, I can concentrate on selling though inventory and sketching next Spring. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday, darling!
    What a fabulous cake and crew!


  2. You're right, such a cool cake!! Oh how fun!!

    Happy Friday Dear! xo

  3. Happy belated bday! I love San Fran. We visited in July and it was so cold! It's a pretty city though. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design.. I am now following you. xo

  4. Happy happy belated Kendall. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday - your cake looks like it was amazing!!


  5. So glad you had such an awesome birthday and trip to San Francisco, Kendall! That cake really is amazing. Happy Birthday again!

  6. That sounds like the best birthday. Can't wait to see spring sketches!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Kendall! Sounds like it was an amazing weekend that you so deserve! I look forward to seeing you on Thursday! :) xo Samantha

  8. Hope you had a great birthday! I look forward to seeing your Fall collection. I know how much work it can be (judging by my school final collection) so keep at it, best of luck~
    xo L.

  9. That sounds like it was a lovely trip. (Of course I could be biased because I love San Francisco so naturally think everything amazing happens here.) Belated happy birthday.