Wednesday, May 19, 2010

vintage vancouver

This last weekend Kyle and I went to Vancouver, B.C. What a gorgeous city full of young, hip and very nice people... not to mention delicious food!
I had a few hours to kill on Friday while Kyle went into the office so I decided I would do a little vintage shopping, a favorite pastime of mine. Lo and behold I come across what has become one of my top five vintage shops, Mintage. I ended walking over 10 miles in order to get there but I would do much, much more for good vintage. The collection was organized, well selected and reasonably priced. I ended up with this amazing rabbit fur vest, two dresses and a blouse. If ever in Vancouver check it out, you won't be disappointed!

isn't it amazing?!

The other four vintage shops on my list of five (not in any particular order):
* Episode- Amsterdam
*Flashbacks- Hillcrest ( I prefer this location to the Encinitas location)
*What comes around goes around- New york
*Paris flea market!! AHHHMAZING. Still kicking myself for not getting that Chanel purse for $400...

What are some of your favorite vintage shops?


  1. Gypsyland in DHS, had some really great finds there; white rabbit fur coat ;)
    And then that cute Antique Shoppe in St. George, Ut we found w/ all the hats, clutches & shoes!