Monday, May 24, 2010

A good start to the week

Today I completed fits for three more styles ( two of which need some extra tlc). This leaves only TWO more styles that need fit comments, a trouser and a swing coat. Now I just need to sit back and wait for the 2nd "perfected" (fingers crossed) samples to come back. The next round of samples should be in the correct fabrics and colors. I have high hopes and expectations only giving myself 1 fit but in order to save money on development, it's something I'm striving for. Of course, if the next samples come back and I want to throw up, a second fit will be scheduled :) So as I'm sure you have guessed, the pressure is much higher this time around.

I just got news that the very special metallic fabric that I love is not available in the color that I want. This fabric is being used on FOUR styles! It's huge. Pilar(my China contact) is sending me a couple more "similar" options to chose from and hopefully I will find something I like. Things like this always come up, it's just about compromising to your comfort level- but it's important to keep going and not to dwell so much on one thing(talking to myself). I will make a decision and move forward. (again, talking to myself) Working from home, I'm alone a lot with my dog Betty. I do a lot of talking to myself and if Betty is awake, I talk to her. I think she pretends to sleep now :)
till tomorrow...

I have received 17 out of the 22 samples submitted and have given fit comments on 15 out of the 17 styles received.


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  1. I feel like a fly on the wall, I love it! Your writing keeps things like this interesting–not easy to do! It's totally real, funny and charming:)

  2. Thanks Haydee, that mean's a lot coming from you... :)