Monday, July 11, 2011

currently reading..

I read "The Power of Positive Thinking" eight years ago and it completely changed my life. It introduced me to law of attraction well before I got a hold of "The Secret", thus catapulting me into the direction of my fate. seriously.
I decided to pick up "The Power of Positive Thinking" again to remind myself of the basic principals. I had completely forgotten about the obvious religious tone of the book, but nevertheless, it teaches the same basic fundamentals of asking for and receiving the life that you want.

What are you currently reading?



  1. Nice, I'm reading The Human Anatomy and Modern French Painters. xo

  2. fantastic blog dear! I wish i had more time to read lovely books! xxx

  3. I think I should actually read The Secret, instead of making up how I *think* it works, haha. That sounds great, too! I'm reading a book called "Eat That Frog!" It's about procrastination.. my mom gave it to me, haha.

    Thanks for stopping by:)

    xx, Melanie

  4. i am reading summer without men, it's by an author i really like!
    i just finished the hobbit, which i have never read before and loved.