Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a small fish

There are of course pros and cons to working with China. Having never dealt with the production side of the business, I'm now certainty having a crash course in the subject. In fact, I just had to have the factory remake the size labels since they did not mark "made in china" on them! ( not my choice) but with importing, it must be clearly visible, another factoid that I just learned. What seems to make everything more difficult is the fact that I'm a very small fish in the huge Chinese pond. But I think that makes me work even harder. Not only to be on top every approval needed, but because one day, I want to be a big fish :)



  1. you go girl. even though i don't know you personally just watching your journey has made me rally in your corner and holler loudly!!


  2. one day, you will be. one day soon...

  3. done that before. importing clothing from brazil and feeling like a tiny lost fishy in a big messy rules sea. good luck to you! and thx for visiting my blog ;)

  4. Hey sweetie,

    You're gonna be a big fish soon lovely... I know it!

    I so know what you mean about approving everything, the finer details are so important and it can be a right mare dealing with factories in China!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Darling I have no doubt you will be a big fish and you are being smart swimming your way there. xo

  6. thank you everyone!! ..it's all about baby steps :)

  7. I appreciate your honesty. We're all supporting you! Hard work gets you everywhere. =)