Monday, June 20, 2011

meet blake

Over 1,000,000 shoes have been given to a child in need since TOMS started in 2006 through the ONE for ONE program. During a trip to Argentina, owner Blake Mycoskie had a revelation. He would come back to the states, sell his driving education business and start a shoe company that would work on the principal, sell one-give one. Shoes are the most basic fundamental necessity in order to prevent a disease called podoconiosis, a debilitating and disfiguring disease, also known as "Mossy Foot". And to expand his philanthropic empire, Blake has now introduced sunglasses.Pledging to give sight to one person in need, for every pair sold. Watch the video here. What an inspiration.

TOMS motto: "Make life more comfortable"...I'm purchasing mine today!


  1. I just bought pair! All the colors I want are sold out though. But I tried on a pair at Nordstroms and I fell in love. Side story:
    I ordered a pair online and when they came in the mail they were way too big. I told my husband I would have to return them. He looks at me seriously and says, "Does that mean that child needs to return his shoes also." I gave him the biggest eye roll for that one.

  2. Great post and I'm going to buy a pair ASAP.

  3. Love him and all that he's done, its all so inspiring! Those glasses are super cute.

    LOVE the new look of the blog, it looks smashing. xo

  4. Love him. Love toms. Their new sunglasses are amazing!

  5. He's incredible. And cute too! I can't wait to get my first pair of Toms. I only wish I had them for my drive. Maybe I can find some in San Fran...