Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In House: correspondence

Yesterday, I spent the last 5 hours of the "work day" reaching out to editors of various magazines in San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs and Los Angeles. There are a few online publications that I can't seem to find any contact information on i.e High Gloss! I'm sure these editors are inundated with product suggestions, but they sure do make it hard to send them free stuff :)
Until I have the budget for PR, then in the trenches I will remain. But I just have to ask, does anyone have any suggestions on finding an editor contact that is not published?
Also, I finally ordered some personalize stationary from Rock Paper Scissors. Isn't it cute?

OH! and before I forget, just listened to the most amazing broadcast of Ali Brown's secrets to obtaining your higher power and higher consciousness, all the while finding success with ease and grace. If you have an hour I suggest listening here



  1. Try looking into Ocean Magazine! I did an internship for them and they are based in Orange County, but are trying to expand down in San Diego. All of their stories are about fashion! Look them up!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Lynn! I will definitely contact them. x

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  4. I love the new layout of your blog! Best of luck in getting your name out there. I just know that as soon as they get a look at your beautiful collection, your phone will be ringing off the hook! xo Samantha ps. Lets plan a Festival date! ;)

  5. i have been very successful googling the sh*t out of people. stalk them... linked in, facebook, whatever it takes. also, you should send a mass email to us (your blog friends/other friends/etc) with a list of the publishers you want to get into OR ask for other connections to other publishers you haven't even thought of yet! this is what we're here for... i live for this stuff so at the very least, email ME... i'd love to help! xo