Wednesday, January 19, 2011

received size runs

This is a very good sign. I received size runs for 5 more styles out of production, which means that I received a 2,4,6 and an 8. This allows me to approve the size grading for each style, not that I can do anything about it now ( with production nearing completion) it's just a nice confirmation that the styles are being produced :) For the most part, the sizing seems true to fit....not too bad for first production run. I'm thinking next season I will definitely add in the size 10.

Wow, just realized it's Wednesday! Happy hump day.

thank you to A Glimpse of Glamour for the adorable messages. I need to follow #1 more closely.


  1. yay! thanks for the credit :)


  2. Ya hoo girl, can't wait to see the clothes!

  3. ooo, yay, maybe next season i'll be able to wear your clothes ;)