Monday, January 17, 2011

globe trotting

So who watched the globes last night? I actually watched them live which is a rarity.
There were really only a few dresses that caught my attention this year. I'm LOVING the long sleeves and the beautiful bright colors... and of course Heidi knows exactly how to pull off a print at the Globes. love her.

What were some of your favs?


  1. As soon as I saw Anne & Leighten I thought of you! I was a big fan of Emma Stone's dress, heidi's was a bit odd the print is beautiful but what's up with the accent at the waist, kinda not a fan!

  2. grr.. i was sleeping during this. but wow, anne's dress and the first dress is to die for <3

  3. Nice title. I agree a few dresses were totally divine, Anne's was my fav but I did wish I could pass out my card to many of the ladies who were not looking so good.....

  4. I didn't see them, but I love looking at the fashion aftermath, Ann looks amazing!

  5. I really think Emma Stone was my fave. That color is incredible! And I adore the simple cut.

  6. Loved Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde, but Heather Morris was my fave :) can't wait for the Oscars! xoxo {av}

  7. I don't have a TV, but I heard what the critics said about Natalie Portman's dress, the pink one with red rose? They said it was comical, but I thought it was absolutely lovely with the color palette and the flower accent. Those critics (ahem, Kelly Osbourn) know nothing about fashion.
    Overall, I thought everybody looked nice.