Thursday, June 10, 2010

photo shoot inspiration

I'm starting to pull inspiration for the upcoming lookbook photo shoot. A lookbook is basically a small catalog showing each piece of the collection working together. This is essential to have (for the show room) when presenting the line to buyers. It is something that the buyers can take away and reference back too. Also, it is helpful for PR by sending to boutiques or even industry publications for marketing. It should portray the overall theme of the collection while also showing how each piece works together.

One of my best friends Amanda came up with a brilliant idea of having a location inspired from scenes of "The Notebook"; think large willow tree, small body of water and overgrown grass. It definitely feels romantic and feminine, much like what my spring collection represents.

I have pulled a few images to give you more of an insight. What do you think?

...if you can think of anywhere like this in Southern California let me know. thanks!


All photos above ( except for the one labeled "the notebook") came from


  1. Looks airy and romantic - definitely a perfect setting for a spring collection. I'm so eager to see your designs!

  2. I think Haydee's idea is pretty close to this....Also too funny, The Notebook has been a major subject in my life recently, I had to laugh inside when you said it...

  3. I'm so happy to have met you! I will call you tomorrow so we can hook up. In fact, I was just looking at my new necklace before I jumped on :)

    Glad you like the Notebook idea. I will definitely check out that place she mentioned... not in a million years would I've thought of that place! (another point for blog world)

  4. Oh gorgeous! I hope you find the location you're looking for! I live in So Cal too, so I'll out my thinking cap on. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. kendall it was so nice to meet you! you are so talented and i can't wait to see your new designs!!! xoxo grace

  6. Where is this place you were told of that you didn't think of?