Saturday, April 7, 2012

My dream home...

Now all I have to do is get Trina Turk to move out :)

These amazing photos are taken by Bonnie Tsang for Matchbook Magazine.


  1. love bonnie tsang. and yes, we can make this happen for your house.

  2. That’s a lovely home! I really like the idea of glass walls because it gives me a philosophical thought about transparency and isolation. The furniture artistically matched one another, and its colorful coordination creates a vibrant ambiance; A very chic-shabby. It reminds me of my sister-in-law’s apartment. Levi Ervin

  3. Wow! Your dream home looks fantastic! Your outdoor area is warm and relaxing. You look ready for summer on the last photo, huh? Hehe! Well, the rest of the house looks great. I want to have a glimpse of the bedrooms though as I’m sure it is something worthy to look at! :’)

    Nannie Toller

  4. .Your dream home is beautiful, Kendall! Why not work on acquiring it by now? You can get it with the help of home loans and and choosing mortgage lenders who will put your best interest in mind. =)