Tuesday, December 27, 2011

styling kendall k.

Here are a few shots from the recent photo shoot with my friend, Ashley. Just a few styling ideas on how you can keep the kendall k. Fall styles relevant, as well as transition your Spring pieces into Fall.

We love the "Evelyn" tie neck blouse from the Fall collection, tucked into wide leg denim and paired back to leopard!
You can layer the "Heather" blouse from Spring under a sweater vest shown here, or a long sleeve v neck for extra warmth! Comes in Bright purple/ ivory/ blush (in photo)
shown on our Facebook page: The key to wearing the "Charlotte" from Spring is LAYERS! So lady-like.
In addition to tights and boots, I also wear my "Josephine" lace tunic from Fall with wide leg denim trousers and lots of pearls.

HUGE New Year's Sale going on NOW!!


  1. great advice, love the looks and i can't wait to play with the pieces i own. ps. cheers to ashley for looking so hot like, five minutes after she had a baby :)

  2. also, what shoes are those paired with the evelyn top? must have!

  3. The shoes are Ashley's. I think she told me where she got them but I forgot.

  4. This is fabulous, and you look adsorbs!

  5. What a fantastic way to bring the spring dress into winter!

  6. Love you Jenika!! I got the shoes at Macy's a couple of years ago, I think.